Hi, my name is Dave from, a review website to bring to you valuable information about trending products and helping potential buyers to make up their minds, which of the choices are the best and most suitable. It was my idea to create this site not made by pros or big global corporations with pushing for their own products with their REVIEWS, but to have a bunch of friends, writing about products they are genuinely passionate about and interested in to help others to find the perfect products or services they are looking for.

During our researches, we found out that there is a real need in the market to cover various topics by users probably as you. Therefore, our group of mates with various backgrounds and usually different interests has come together. We are covering multiple niches that at least one of us understands. We usually write all the reviews ourselves and it is our mission to bring as much value as possible to our readers. However, we leave it open to have external reviewers writing about certain topics.

Judging from what we have experienced on a personal level, there is a real need for unbiased reviews, giving true and accurate information about products you intend to buy.

There is nothing more valuable than to get from individual and genuine customers feedbacks, ratings and reviews on products. Please check the various reviews and what other consumers have to say about it. Join in and be active to help others!

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The focus of our website is not limited to the US audience. Most of the products are internationally available and you should be able to profit from our reviews worldwide. The niches we are planning to cover are wide such as

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The time has changed with the globalization in the last decades and the world has come together and more efficient with all the digital information available on the web. It is so much easier to find information about anything on the Internet and even source it from countries far away such as China. It is in the past that you had to know someone from a factory in Shenzhen, ask them to mail by post some catalogs or other product descriptions or even to have to fly there. However, the risks have increased with it, too. There are so many low-quality goods offered out there that are not worth the money, even though some of them are incredibly cheap.


The obvious advantages are:

  • Saving time to find what you need
  • Do easily in a matter of minutes your research on the best available quality
  • Save money by finding the best price
  • Avoid a headache by properly checking the information and read available reviews
  • Be up to date when new releases are out or new launches by signing up to our newsletter by email
  • Order them online, have them delivered to your doorstep with easy return policies


We would like to work actively in our spare time that we have and grow this project to a full-grown website as a true alternative option to the corporate and professional money making sites. All of us are very passionate and excited about this project. Please feel free, or in contrary we would like to ask you specifically, to let us know in what products and services you are interested in, and we will do our utmost to cover it if we have the necessary knowledge and resources about it. Our reward is to help and we will be more than happy if the information we have provided helps you and others to make their buying decisions and avoid spending money for useless or bad quality products and services. Please do write your feedbacks, rate, and comment the reviewed goods and offers.



Almost everybody has heard about Amazon or even already used their services. We like to link back to Amazon if the products we are reviewing are available on their site. The reason is that the company is probably the most trusted e-commerce site in the world with many independent suppliers. Especially Amazon Prime with next day or sometimes even same day delivery is an outstanding system. There is nothing more annoying to do the research on a product you want to buy, make up your mind which product you want to buy and then to have to wait days or even weeks until it has arrived.

Amazon is an online retailer that has started originally as an online bookstore and added later CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray discs and audiobooks. The company diversified in a fast pace to video as well as music streaming and downloading, video games, software, and products of all kind such as furniture, electronics, toys and jewelry and even grocery. We are sure more offerings will come from this innovative tech wonder of our generation.

Amazon has established itself as the largest online retailer in the States and has even surpassed the biggest physical retailer Wal-Mart in terms of market capitalization in the year of 2015. The company has even launched their own products with the very popular e-reader Kindle, Fire tablets and Fire TV as well as other own branded products as AmazonBasics. Amazon has not stopped there and expanded to other markets including Cloud infrastructures and has become there as well the market leader.

Amazon has bought other companies such as

  • PlanetAll in 1998
  • Junglee in 1998
  • in 1998
  • Telebook in Germany in1998


In the following year in 1999 further acquisition followed with

  • Alexa
  • Ashford
  • Della
  • Geoworks
  • e-Niche
  • Home Grocer
  • And some more

In total, they purchased over 15 companies in 1999. The acquisition slowed down in the number but the shopping spread did not stop there.

Amazon bought the movie on demand streaming and DVD by mail distributor Lovefilm with 2 million subscribers in 2011.

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Genius Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Bezos founded the Seattle-based giant on the 5th July 1994, originally called Cadabra and changed the company name to Amazon a year later. It was clear for Jeff since the beginning that the brand itself will be the key to the success. The brand has become one of the most recognized and valuable brands in the world. According to Forbes Amazon is the 12th most valuable brand worldwide before AT&T, BMW, Intel, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes-Benz.

The business strategy was clear and planned that it would not make any profits in the first four to five years. In fact, the first profitable period was achieved only in last quarter of 2001. Amazon has survived the burst of the Internet tech bubble and many issues with impatient investors.

In 2015, the turnover reached USD 107 billion, an operating income of USD 2.233 billion and a net income of USD 596 million. The employee number grew to a staggering 230,800 at the end of 2015. However, many more people’s income and living are depending on Amazon such as the staff of all the suppliers, producers or even hundred of thousand Amazon Associates. An unofficial figure is rumored to be 2 million and no surprise this would mean that the company is the leader in this industry, too.

The current market capitalization on 25th May 2016 is USD 337.18 billion, just less than USD 5 billion behind Facebook (Market Cap of USD 341.93 billion on 25th May 2016). It has a higher valuation than giant GE with USD 274.49 billion on 22nd February 2016. An incredible success story if you think that it all started by selling books online.

The global expansion has just started but Amazon is already well established in other countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. International shipping is available to other countries, too.