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TransferWise – Money without Border

Money without Border – get thousands of USD, GBP and Euros back with this British FinTech company that Sir Richard Branson joined as an early investor.



TransferWise Money without Border
Money without Border

TransferWise: where the money is said to be without borders – Save Thousands of USD, GBP and Euros back

TransferWise – Money without Border – A business with 9 years of functioning experience, 7 million satisfied customers, and 4 billion dollars of monthly turnover started with the story about two friends. After that, Borderless Money Transfer has never been so easy, cheap, and fast. You can save hundreds or even thousands of Dollars with low transaction fees, and best exchange rates.


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How I met TransferWise – Money without Border?

I have heard about TransferWise, Money without Border when I had to urgently send out a big amount of money within 24 hours from one country into another with currency exchange and minimal loss.

After researching the options, I was extremely surprised to find out that at the age of video conferences, emails, and instant messages, it is still an issue to send the money in their hand to someone else.

After a few long, complicated, and unsuccessful attempts, I have come across TransferWise, and its simplicity, as well as the human language they use in their interface, amazed me.

However, it still took some time for the amount to get through, but that was mostly a procedure on my bank’s side. It was kindly and clearly explained to me by the friendliest customer support I have ever met.  I realized that even this waiting period could be avoided by topping up the account in advance for future potential transfers. 

Two friends, a problem and multi-billion-dollar idea

Now they have 14 offices and more than 2000 employees, but 9 years ago there were just two friends who found mutual benefit in each other’s lifestyle. One of the two Estonian friends lived in London but worked for Estonia. The other one lived and worked in London, but had a mortgage to pay back in Estonia.

Both of them needed a certain amount per month converted into a different currency and in addition, transferred internationally. They kept using traditional ways for months, but it felt complicated and mostly overpriced. For that reason, the duo came up with an idea that turned out to be efficient and convenient.

The two startup entrepreneurs made a deal that one of them would place the equivalent of his mortgage payment in pounds at the actual exchange rate to the other one’s bank account. The other one, in his turn, would pay for his friend’s mortgage with his euros.

It was a win-win situation where each of them got what they wanted and didn’t have to pay any fee for it. Thus, they thought of turning it into a business idea, and above all, that would come handy for many others in the same situation.

Sir Richard Branson  – Early-Stage Investor

British billionaire, Sir Richard Branson from the Virgin Group, has been one of the early-stage investors who saw the potential of TransferWise, Money without Border.

Transfers made easy

TransferWise is built on the principles that money should be easily sendable and easily convertible.

It has not only become a popular choice for regular travelers, freelancers, but also for ex-pats due to a convenient multi-currency account option. Therefore, one can easily convert and top up their accounts in any of the 50 available currencies.

Plus, it is cheaper and faster than regular bank transfers. Is it too good to be believable? I thought so, too, at first.

See why joining TransferWise is wise

  1. To join TransferWise, you should undergo a simple sign-up procedure either on the web or in a mobile app. To verify your account, you need to upload your ID. It is a very reasonable and safety-promoting measure. 
  2. Once signed up, you can get your own bank account details for each selected currency and receive your payments via TransferWise at the rules of a local payment avoiding high extra fees. In other words, once you have the money in your account, you can convert them into any of 50+ currencies in no time and at almost no extra cost – Money without Border.
  3. You can receive your own debit card with TransferWise and use it internationally with zero fees for foreign transactions. Moreover, you can also spend your money in any currency at the lowest rates possible. 
  4. With all your banking fitting in a very user-friendly mobile app, you can receive instant notifications and freeze your card any time if you saw anything suspicious.
  5. TransferWise is now compatible with Apple Pay’s contactless payments. 
  6. You can use this app to send money to any of the 50+ partner countries or you can top up your account to be prepared for the next transfer.

Three principles of TransferWise

The founders definitely placed focus on making it attractive to customers.

Principle 1. Firstly, they believe there is nothing to hide, so all the fees, commissions, as well as company expenses – everything is 100% transparent.

Principle 2. Secondly, the founders don’t pursue a goal of getting as much as possible by maximizing commission amounts. They want to make the business attractive by keeping the commission at the lowest.

Principle 3. Thirdly, the founders don’t like the concept of dividing services into regular and premium, making access to premium services chargeable. They are eager to change the perception of premium into normal. They believe good quality is something that should be accessible to anyone. 

Credibility and Financial Conduct Regulation

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK is regulating TransferWise, like any other company dealing with electronic money.

MasterCard is issuing the Debit Cards for TransferWise Debit.

In addition, the following equivalent authorities are regulating TranserWise in these countries as well:

  • Australia
  • Belgium and with pass-porting rights to the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)


What you need to know about TransferWise

  • Creating a TransferWise account is free as well as creating a multi-currency account is also free. In addition, getting bank details for transfers. Furthermore, receiving money is free as well.
  • For conversions between currencies, there is a commission, which is considerably lower in comparison with alternative money transfer/exchange services. Plus, you can always see the calculated commission in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises and questions.
  • There is a small fee for transfers from TransferWise account to an external account in the same currency. The charged fee is the lowest possible to keep it working, and the founders claim their commitment to keeping the fees at the minimal level.
  • If you decide to store your money with TransferWise, you might want to know which banks we have as our reliable partners. In Europe – it is Barclays, in the US – it is Wells Fargo. The customers’ money is stored in these segregated accounts. There are separate accounts for the money used for running the business.
  • TransferWise is trying to be extremely transparent. They even show their customers what their fees are spent for: 2% – offices and running costs; 14% – operations and customer support teams; 18% – margin and growing TransferWise; 20% – building our products; 36% – banking partners and money-moving costs.

A final word about Money without Border

In the world where you have to pay a high price for every single thing, it is pleasant to just know that there is a service with a human face. The service that cares enough to charge the lowest fees and find more convenient and less costly ways for its customers to handle their transfers is born to win. 

Despite the internet era penetrating every single area of our lives, however, our financial affairs have still not been flexible and fast enough to keep up the pace, for instance.

However, while Internet banking is becoming more and more accessible, TransferWise has been one of the first in their niche, and their well-thought customer care policy should guarantee them good and steady business. 

Please support us and click the Affiliate link for TransferWise. Thank you.

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Official Reviews is a professional Wiki and News Site offering tutorials and articles about useful products and good services that we are the opinion they could be useful to our readers. We may receive compensation from companies for featuring their services and products. This allows us to create helpful content and effective strategies for our readership for free. Thank you for supporting us!

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